2020 winter sales: responsible purchases

January is a time of sales in the stores, one of the moments of the year we most look forward to. Lovers of shopping can satisfy a whim or two, taking advantage of discounts and lower prices, with shops getting the chance to get rid of unsold products and clear inventories more easily. 

At Dalle Piane Cashmere, from the outset we chose to run a warehouse stock operation, producing quantities that we are sure of selling, hence we can offer our customers a transparent and competitive price all year round.

Also for this reason, our "clearance sales" are not conventional: in our online shop, you will find the usual prices because we want you to make informed and conscientious purchases. We recommend going for quality and choosing timeless items that are always fashionable, such as cashmere garments: from the great classics such as crew necks or turtlenecks, or try one-size ponchos, scarves and hats for all sexes. Warm, soft, colourful and never out of style.

Until January 31, using the code SALE2020, you can choose any product you want from our catalogue and get a 15% discount on the entire collection.

An opportunity not to be missed, given the already low prices that we offer all year round thanks to our tight supply chain.