Dalle Piane Cashmere has its roots in the experience of a family of craftsmen, the Dondini family, who have handed down this Italian textile craft from father to son, for three generations. A tradition that, over time, has been strengthened, elevating itself to the finest and most precious yarn: cashmere.

This virtuous path has only been possible due to the area in which Dalle Piane Cashmere was founded and developed: Prato, which is world-renowned for its textile district. In these areas, as early as 1200, high-quality garments were manufactured and sold throughout Europe. Wearing Dalle Piane Cashmere today therefore means wearing centuries of Tuscan textile history as well.


Dalle Piane Cashmere proudly demonstrates the quality of Italian manufacturing with its 100% Made in Italy certification.
A certification that means much more than a label. Items from Dalle Piane are exclusively conceived, designed and made by the company, in Italy. They are composed of high quality, first-class natural materials, with traceability of the raw materials. To be certified as Made in Italy also means the items are made using special craftsmanship and typical traditional techniques that are in fact, handed down by generations within a company.


Our family history - which follows that of a craft, began with the processing of raw materials, and continues today with the production of finished garments, made from the noblest of yarns, cashmere.


Our adventures in the world of knitting began with the spinning of Grandpa's Valter, who transformed wool into yarns and fibres. As soon as they could, his children, Roberto and Massimo, started work at the family's spinning.

But perhaps above all, the history of Dalle Piane Cashmere is a love story as well. It was thanks to the wives of the two brothers, Luana and Lorella, who came up with the idea of ​a knitwear factory. It started as a joke, but given the rapid success the first knitwear collection achieved, it soon became a real activity. Thus, after investments to modernise the workshops and purchase state of the art machinery, Angorelle knitwear came into the world in 1988.


After receiving awards from well-known luxury brands, the Dondini family decided to take a leap in quality, and in 2001, created the Dalle Piane Cashmere brand.

The idea was to offer cashmere garments to end customers directly, at an almost factory price, whilst simultaneously ensuring the same quality that had always characterised Angorelle knitwear.

Since then, the work they began has become more intense and challenging, but retains the hallmark of the highest quality. And now, the third generation has arrived, with Leonardo, the son of Roberto and Luana, who has felt it natural to follow in his family's footsteps.

A child with the dream of setting up a "school for wool" who spent his time playing at his grandfather's spinning with the yarns, balls of wool and cloths, a boy growing up in Prato who has always breathed textiles and the infinite galaxy of crafts they're made from. Today, Leonardo is proud to be carrying on - alongside his parents and uncles - the family's business, as a knitwear craftsman who, as always, chooses to focus on quality and sophistication. As well as cashmere.