Cashmere mon amour on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is nearly here; all you couples in love will celebrate and enjoy the occasion to show off an elegant and refined look during your romantic date and amaze your partner. Matching your outfit with a cashmere garment or accessory can give you that extra touch of style that makes all the difference, without being forced to wear a gown fit for a gala evening or a red carpet event.

To get a warm charming look, you could try a soft polo neck or a stole draped over the shoulders. The same goes for the boys: crank up the style by combining classic trousers with a cashmere crew neck or V-neck sweater.

A precious material, cashmere is becoming increasingly popular in both women's and men's wardrobes. Many people own at least one sweater, an evergreen product that is always on trend and suitable for every occasion. Don't you agree?

The value of cashmere

Cashmere garments are "for life", with a longer life cycle than cotton ones; indeed, their intrinsic value is so high we would hardly get rid of them after just a few seasons.

They last longer also because they are usually washed less frequently so as not to stress the fabrics; this helps to save water, soap and electricity.    

Being delicate and precious garments, however, it is good practice to follow the washing instructions carefully so as not to risk ruining them.    

How to wash cashmere

You must take care of your cashmere from washing to drying so that it retains all its properties.

Wash your sweater or cardigan inside out, use warm water (maximum 30 degrees) and add a small amount of mild detergent. Do not rub or spin dry. You can remove excess water by rolling up the garment or patting it with a towel.

Iron at low temperature, always keeping the garment reversed and using a cloth to avoid damaging the fibres. Once washed and well-dried, you can stow your cashmere garment in the wardrobe.

For best results, please read our cashmere maintenance instructions in detail.