What season are you? Colour analysis according to Dalle Piane Cashmere!

You’ve probably heard of colour analysis, which has been a hot topic in fashion lately.

If, however, you don’t know what it is, we’ll explain it to you briefly: colour analysis is the use of colour science in the fashion world to enhance people’s natural beauty.

Have you ever wondered which colour suits you best? Colour analysis is the answer to your questions!

Many people nowadays have developed a passion for colour analysis and have revolutionised their lives and wardrobes based on colour palettes.

How are these palettes established? As you may know, natural light changes according to the seasons, and this principle is used to determine tones and shades to identify numerous natural palettes that can be matched to women’s colours.

These nuances, named after the seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter), enhance each type of beauty in a different and completely natural way.

It’s not for us at Dalle Piane to tell you which season you belong to. To find out, you’ll have to contact an expert or try to understand it yourself through the guides available online. What we do is suggest what would suit you, based on your season.

With that said, are you ready? Let’s begin!



Spring is synonymous with light shades, especially warm ones! Strong colours look good on Spring women, thanks to their typically radiant complexion. Some examples of colours that enhance the beauty of Spring women are camel, ivory, salmon, rose gold and peach. However, we suggest avoiding excessively dark shades, such as black and navy.

Our 100% regenerated cashmere turtleneck in beige, for example, or the pink version of our cashmere blend poncho might be right for you!


Summer women have very delicate, powdery or mother-of-pearl tones and shades: basically, the quintessence of femininity!

If you belong to this season, all pastel shades will look great, as well as darker shades, such as carmine red, plum and lavender blue. Avoid wearing warm colours, such as brown, and very bright and vibrant colours. 

On our store, you will find some perfect garments for your palette, such as our 100% cashmere pastel lilac pashmina, a perfect accessory for a lively and feminine total look.


Is your season Autumn? Then all dark, warm and soft shades reminiscent of the colours of the earth are sure to suit you. A few examples? Beige, orange, gold, forest green, ivory, coral and dark blue will enhance your skin tone and eye colour!

However, avoid optical white, pastel shades, purple and fuchsia.

Here at Dalle Piane Cashmere, we offer numerous garments that will be right for you, like this 100% green cashmere maxi pullover or our cashmere blend flared maxi pullover.


To conclude, did you know that the most prevalent season in Italy is Winter? If you belong to this season, we recommend that you wear:

  • Very dark colours, such as black, blue, grey, purple, cherry red and emerald
  • Very light colours, such as optical white, pearl grey, pink, light blue and ice 🧊 

However, avoid beiges, orange, yellow, forest green, orange-reds, warm browns and hazelnut.

Some items in our selection that enhance Winter women are the blue versions of our 100% regenerated cashmere stole and 100% regenerated cashmere turtleneck, which not only enhance the characteristics of the season but also contribute to protection of the planet, thanks to savings in energy, water and chemical costs.

So now you know what colour analysis is and which colours can enhance your beauty. However, imagination naturally knows no bounds, so take a look at our online shop and don’t forget to take a tour of our Zalando store: you’re sure to find the most suitable garment for your season!