5 cool colours for Autumn / Winter 2021

Here we go again - winter is upon us and like every year you are probably wondering which autumn / winter 2021 colours are the ones to be seen in to always look cool.

We'll tell you straight away - the shades that will be the most popular this autumn / winter aren't the ones you are expecting: in fact we find bold fashion colours, full of energy and optimism!

At Dalle Piane Cashmere, we can only be happy about that, both because a bit of of healthy optimism - even in choosing the fashion colours for this autumn - is always welcome, and also because our decision to expand the range of colours was just the right call: if you don't already know, we have decided to offer many of our garments in 20 colours!



The first clear invitation to be daring is lilac, a typical warm season colour, revisited this year in a winter key as well.

What more can I say? It is one of our favourite shades and we strongly suggest that you think outside the box by going for an integrated look à la Julia Roberts.

Is lilac one of your weaknesses too? Then you will surely like our 100% Cashmere Stole, the ideal accessory to complete any outfit for autumn / winter 2021!



You see yellow and think of vitality and vibrant strength, don't you? This lively shade appeared on the catwalks of the best designers, used in many shades from the brightest to the most muted ones

For this autumn / winter go for all its shades if you want to feel refined and feminine, playing on the contrasts with the typical colours of the cold season.

At Dalle Piane Cashmere, we have the perfect garment for the purpose: our Poncho in pure cashmere, soft, warm and light. 



We can't discuss colours without mentioning green: the colour of sustainability par excellence is a favourite this autumn, as if to show the way forward on the environmental front as well.

Often combined with dark and cold colours, we suggest you take a chance on matching it with the lilac we have already talked about.

Visit our store to choose from many green garments ... and we don't only mean colour!



From Classic Blue to Midnight Blue, passing from Ocean Blue: blue dominated the autumn / winter 2021 catwalks.

Versatile and above all safe, this shade is perfect to show off in the cold season, both in the the daytime for a casual look and in the evening for a more glamorous ensemble.

We really recommend an accessory, a must when the temperatures start to drop: our 100% reclaimed cashmere scarf!



Neutral colours are a godsend for many women, in autumn you can't really go wrong with camel shades; and above all don't discount what a  a safe investment a garment of this colour is, because you will wear it for life (if of good quality).

To match camel garments, create light contrasts with beige tones, or play with contrasts with natural colours such as green.

One last suggestion from our shop: the pure cashmere stole is a timeless accessory that will last forever!


Now that we're at the end of the article, are you by any chance wondering which of these colours suits you best? It's because you missed our latest article on colour change, the science of colours! 

Read that too so you can learn about the shades that suit you best, and then come back to visit our shop to find out which items to freshen your wardrobe with!