How to match clear base colours

Choosing the right combination of colours to wear may seem easy but in reality, it is more complicated than it appears, because we have to pay attention not only to the choice of colours but also to make sure that they go nicely with each other.

Light colours like white, beige, sand and camel tend to be simpler to match. In fact, you can decide to combine a light colour with another light colour, a dark base colour (black, blue) or a bright colour (red, orange).

dalle piane poncho beige

Choose a colour that suits you

The first thing to get a perfect colour match is to understand which colour suits you, which one looks good on you and which one doesn't, also depending on your complexion and hair colour. If you have a dark complexion, perhaps you should opt for light and warm colours that can light up your face, whereas if you have a fair complexion, it is better to opt for bright colours and pastel tones.

Colours that look good on everybody

There are some colours that really look good on everyone and are the ideal base to match other colours. In addition to the classic white, also beige, in its various shades and shades, is a colour that allows you to make many different combinations.

To achieve the perfect colour combination and avoid an excessively ridiculous effect, never combine more than two or three colours.



Being a colour which is quite easy to manage, it can be easily combined with white and black, but also with brown, violet, dark green, pink or blue.

With black or white, it represents a classic combination but also looks very elegant and refined. A perfect timeless match for any occasion! Beige and brown, albeit with different gradations, are part of the same group of colours so they look great together. Just take a look at the elegance of this two-tone scarf to prove it!

dalle piane sciarpa bicolor

Beige and pink together create a dreamy and romantic atmosphere, while violet exudes powers of decision and resolution.


In the beige family, we also find a more neutral shade such as sand; a colour with a strong character, which gives a very feminine and sophisticated touch, and will make your outfit really elegant.


The mink colour is a versatile and easy to match shade. It is a warm and elegant colour and is perfect both for a day and evening look, especially in winter, and it suits those who have a fair or dark complexion.

A mink coloured cardigan or polo neck should always find a place in your closet!

dalle piane dolcevita visone


The camel colour is very warm and chic, perfect to make your outfit look elegant even during the winter season. Moreover, it is a very versatile colour that looks good on all types of complexion and hair.

Clearly, to avoid a sad and dull effect, you must match it well with the other colours. Often the strongest and brightest colours make this colour stand out better.

A great classic camel coloured garment that everyone should have in their closet is definitely a coat.

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