Advantages of regenerated cashmere

You always desired a cashmere scarf or sweater because you know the prestige of this material and its qualities, but perhaps what you don't know is that this fine fibre is limited in nature and there is a risk of it running out in the long run, which is also why its price is high. 

The fashion world has long been searching for a solution, which allows us to preserve the natural environment in which it is produced: regenerated cashmere.

What is regenerated cashmere

Regenerating cashmere means taking production scraps and old cashmere garments and subjecting them to a new manufacturing process to obtain reels of regenerated yarn with which new products can be made. 

This is a sustainable production model, which embraces the principles of circular economy and fashion and allows us to obtain quality cashmere with little impact on the environment. 

Good sustainability practices

A whole series of measures can be adopted to produce in a sustainable way: buy cashmere from local producers, small and medium-sized companies in the area that are able to supply quality yarn and 100% Made in Italy, or limit production to what is really necessary, making a sales estimate based on orders received on a monthly basis. A system of this type allows you to better manage resources and avoid producing products that would remain unsold.

The advantage is not only for companies or the environment, but also for the customer, who can count on affordable and stable prices all year round and freshly produced quality products.

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