How to dress at Christmas: look and outfit for flawless holiday style

How to show off a perfect look and make a good impression during the Christmas holidays? Every year the recurring dilemma of "what I should I wear at Christmas?" reappears once more, but few know that it takes only simple techniques to become the most beautiful woman at the party.

Dress or broken look?

Better to wear a classic dress or opt for a sweater combined with a skirt or trousers? There are no rules, there are those who prefer elegance at all costs and those who do not want to give up their comfort. In the second case, a stole or a jumper is a valid alternative to jackets and sheath dresses.


Leave the black at home!

We recommend you to avoid a total black look at all costs. Christmas is a time of celebration, so colours get the green light. With the classic you can never go wrong: red - or alternatively bordeaux - is always a perfect choice, as well as green, which reflects old traditions. Evenly space soft colours such as sugar paper, beige and pink, to add a touch of colour without overdoing it. It's better to limit prints and special graphics (at most opt ​​for the typical tartan or Norwegian patterns) and focus on solid colours for a classic and timeless style.


Avoid a monochromatic effect with the right accessories

Accessories are the key to breaking up a monochromatic look. If gold and silver will lend you a bright touch, caps and scarves of a different colour will act as a contrast, helping you to avoid the "all one colour" effect, a growing trend in fashion but always risky.