Black Friday
I’m in love!

Lovers of shopping and Christmas gifts, get ready: Black Friday is almost here!

This year, the so-called "Black Friday", which traditionally corresponds to the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, falls on Friday 23 November.

We hear about it a lot, especially since this ritual has taken hold in Italy in recent years. But how many of you know the story behind this day of crazy shopping and desperate racing?

The origin of the name is uncertain. One theory attributes it to the unmanageable traffic that floods the streets of Philadelphia on that day. Another version refers to the accounting records of the merchants for whom that day represents the start of a profitable period for sales, from which point they no longer need to use their red pen, replacing it, in fact, with a black pen.

What is certain is that it was the Macy's distribution chain, back in 1924, which started off this tradition, which became famous across the United States only in the eighties and then, slowly, spread to different countries around the world.

The record was the Black Friday of 2013 when, in the United States, 57.4 billion dollars of purchases were recorded by over eighty million people in a single day.

In Italy, unfortunately or fortunately, it is still difficult to find the quarrels for the last sizes and the immense queues in the department stores, as in America. But in our country, as in many others, you can take advantage of the incredible promotions which the world of online sales offers. And we are among these.


In fact, from Friday 16 November to Sunday 25 the 10% discount will be active on the entire collection, using the code BLACK10.