The poncho: ideas and tips
for wearing it

The mid-seasons, as you know, always create havoc in a woman's wardrobe. No longer is there the summer heat which lets you leave your jumper at home but it's not yet time to dust off the heavy winter jumper.

However, there is a piece of clothing that can help you complete every autumn outfit, which immediately adds a touch of style - as well as warmth! - to your look: the poncho. So here are 3 ideas to match it to the fullest!

The importance of accessories

To avoid a sporty look and avoid the crushed figure effect, a necklace is the accessory you need! It will not only give light to your outfit, but will make it elegant at the same time.

The wide-brimmed hat is another accessory that goes perfectly with the poncho, immediately deflating the figure. The ideal combo for rainy days like the autumn ones.

For a casual chic look: the shirt

It is a truly elegant combination, especially if you choose to combine simple or neutral colours. The casual chic effect is assured and lends itself very well to a versatile office attire.

The poncho is also perfect over a comfortable and thin leather jacket, however often this alone is not enough to protect you from the cold during sudden autumn frosts.

What to wear under the poncho?

To avoid the fashion effect of the 70s and to reduce the risk of the poncho shortening your silhouette, the advice is to enhance the lines of the legs as much as possible. To do so, give way to short skirts or dresses, straight trousers, skinny jeans or leggings.

As an alternative, among the perfect allies to wear from the waist down, don't forget boots, even better if they are close-fitting and high above the knee.