How to choose your cashmere sweater

The first cold comes with autumn and a cashmere sweater becomes an excellent ally to combat it. But which model to choose from among many? And how to match it in order to make our look modern and timeless?

The simplest models to match are the classic ones, such as the crewneck or V-neck sweater, the turtleneck and the buttoned cardigan with high-neck or V-neck.

Crewneck or V-neck sweater

The cashmere crewneck, simple and monochrome, remains a classic among the various proposals to be found on the market. Warm, soft and elegant, it can be worn directly on the skin, without other jerseys underneath, as a casual garment for everyday or to go to the office.

The same goes for the V-neck sweater, which is perfect especially for wearing with a shirt left out of the trousers or skirt, for a fresher and less formal look.

Cardigan and turtleneck

The high-necked cardigan with buttons can be easily worn with high-waisted jeans. If tucked inside jeans, it is possible to obtain a very young and modern look and update the garment.

The cashmere turtleneck is ideal for wearing under a coat, preferably with a V-neck. With two garments the same colour, a chic and super elegant effect is also created. If, on the other hand, you opt for the classic black sweater, you can play on all the shades of grey and enhance a classic garment in a really simple way.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at our catalogue on and choose the cashmere sweater that's right for you!