"Dress Your Story" fashion show in collaboration with Amazon Italy: Celebrating Fashion and Diversity

We are excited to share the extraordinary event that was held on 15 February in Milan: the "Dress Your Story" fashion show, a unique collaboration between Dalle Piane Cashmere, Amazon Italy and six talented students from the European Institute of Design (IED) in Rome. This project represents a special occasion to celebrate creativity, fashion and above all the diversity of people.

The "Dress Your Story" fashion show

The "Dress Your Story" fashion show is much more than a fashion event. Drawing inspiration from the personal stories shared by Amazon Italy employees, the fashion show will be a tribute to the diversity of age, gender and origin of Amazon Italy employees. Through this initiative, Amazon Italy seeks to celebrate the people who are part of the company and their cultural and personal backgrounds.

Empty catwalk of Dress Your Story fashion show with Amazon Italy

An extraordinary collaboration

This extraordinary initiative came about as a result of the long-standing relationship that unites us with Amazon Italy, with which we have often had the pleasure of collaborating. We were immediately excited when Amazon approached us with a proposal to take part in this project together with the students from the IED in Rome. The young designers have put their hearts and souls into creating a collection that, drawing inspiration from the stories and experiences of Amazon Italy employees, personalises the garments in our store and makes them unique.

 One of the people working at Amazon Italy who walked the runway in the dress designed by students from IED Rome

Celebrating diversity through fashion

One of the most significant aspects of "Dress Your Story" is the celebration of diversity in all its forms. The students from the IED have skilfully transformed employee stories into garments that reflect the richness and variety of human experiences. This collection is not only an expression of the designers' creativity, but also a positive message of values such as inclusion and unity, which, like Dalle Piane, we fully share.

One of the people working at Amazon Italy who walked the runway in the dress designed by students from IED Rome

During the entire creative process, an intimate and special connection was established between the designers of the IED and the employees of Amazon Italy. An authentic dialogue allowed designers to immerse themselves in the lives and passions of employees, transforming these personal stories into wearable works of art. This connection enabled an authentic interpretation of the employees' stories through fashion.

Some of the models who walked the runway high-five during the final runway show

A new frontier for Dalle Piane Cashmere

This project represents a milestone for Dalle Piane Cashmere. Collaborating with the students of the IED and Amazon Italy was an extraordinary opportunity that allowed us to explore new creative frontiers and challenge ourselves with a truly unprecedented challenge. According to Leonardo Dondini, head of our e-commerce, "this project represents an absolute novelty for my company, since it sees us working alongside students from a prominent academic institution like IED, and Amazon. We are really happy with this opportunity and to be able to interact and exchange ideas with young people, with a great creative spirit and desire to create, two characteristics that we appreciate very much and recognise in those who have led my company from the beginning."

Leonardo Dondini, ecommerce manager di Dalle Piane Cashmere, parla alla sfilata Dress Your Story in collaborazione con Amazon Italia

The "Dress Your Story" fashion show is much more than a fashion event. It is an experience that celebrates diversity, innovation and emerging talent in the Italian fashion sector. Thanks to the collaboration between Dalle Piane Cashmere, Amazon Italy and the students of the IED in Rome, this fashion show offers an extraordinary overview of fashion's ability to tell stories and promote inclusion. We cannot wait to share the result of these months of work with you, and to celebrate fashion and diversity together.