What is a baby shower and how to choose the best gift!

Perhaps many of you have never heard of it, but a baby shower is a party of American origin, usually organised towards the seventh month of pregnancy, which is becoming increasingly popular in Italy.

How does a baby shower work?

Nappy cakes, colourful decorations, sweets and games to spend time with friends. Because yes, usually the baby shower participants are the friends of the future mother. And it is customary that for this party - usually at home - invited guests bring gifts in advance of the birth. 

Pregnancy is a beautiful and emotional moment. Very often, however, it is also a frenetic time for the family, who have to organise everything as much as possible before the arrival of the new child. You have to think about the changing table, cradle, stroller and all the accessories useful for raising the baby in its first months of life. But what are your friends for if not to always be helpful? Here the baby shower immediately becomes the right opportunity to give useful things to the new family.

The original idea for a birth gift

There is a problem though! Very often, after the waste of gifts it's time to count up the duplicates: dummies, travel sets for changing nappies, rompers, baby bottles teething rings... What can be a truly original gift that will amaze everyone? A fantastic cover in pure cashmere!



It is a truly precious accessory, designed specifically to accompany the dreams of little ones with softness and warmth. For our Bimbo 100% Cashmere Collection we have thought of two models: a checkered knitted cover with coloured border and a two-tone double face.


Among the colours we chose the classic ones, pink and light blue, but we also thought of a neutral colour, cream, in case the baby's sex has not yet been revealed.

Included in the price of the article there is also our elegant gift box.

What to give to a future mother

Someone could object: and nothing for the mother? Absolutely not! Browse through our Women's Collection and you will find interesting gift ideas to pamper the true protagonist of those long, albeit beautiful, 9 months of waiting.


Blanket for the newborn as a baptism gift

The blanket for the newborn turns out also to be an excellent gift for the baptism of the baby or child and can be a fantastic idea for a group gift.


Are you far from the family which is about to grow, but would you like to communicate your closeness and affection all the same? Rely on our shipping, quick and traceable all over the world (here you can find all the details!).

We are very curious to know if you've ever heard of the baby shower; let us know in the comments and if you have any other original ideas for babies and baptisms we cannot wait to read them.

See you next time!