Cashmere is a natural fibre, obtained from the undercoat of the Cashmere goat, an animal from the highlands of Asia, used for surviving winters with freezing temperatures. That's why these goats have developed an external fur, long-haired and long-lasting which, whether it’s warm or cold, protects a second layer of coat underneath, made of highly insulating fibres that are very fine and very soft: cashmere.


There are five basic steps in cashmere production: harvesting, sorting, clipping, spinning and weaving. Harvesting is performed manually with a comb, during the animal's natural seasonal moult, in late spring. Even the sorting and grading of hairs are also always done by hand. After being sub-divided according to different characteristics, the fibres are then washed to remove any dirt, grease and any plant material that remains after harvesting. Its only after passing through these stages that the fibres are ready to be turned into yarn.


As shearing the average goat yields 3 kilos of wool, these special goats supply about 300 grams of pure cashmere per year, which is just the amount needed to produce one simple sweater.


To produce our garments, we look for the finest cashmere. To do this, we supply the best Italian spinning machines in the country's main textile districts: Prato, Biella and Carpi.

The relationship with our spinners is built on quality and trust, because they always guarantee, to us and our customers, the best quality fibres, which are turned into ropes after being washed, carded and spun.


The parameters used when selecting the yarns are thickness and length. In fact, the finer and longer the fibres are, the more delicate and resistant the yarn will be. The quality of the fibres, by definition, matte and wavy, is also defined by the colour of the raw material, which comes in several shades of brown, grey and white. And it is precisely those fibres that are the whitest at the first stage of processing that are the purest and most valuable, and enable us to create luxuriously soft and durable garments.



Dalle Piane Cashmere garments are exclusively designed and manufactured in our workshop. Each model is designed with the classic style of quality knitwear, but is attuned to current trends, giving all of our products a timeless style, but with a contemporary flavour.

By playing with depths, shapes and colours, we can make traditional garments more up to date, genuine must-haves, which are always comfortable and easy to wear.
Dalle Piane Cashmere sweaters are produced by craftsmen. Even our most advanced machinery cannot match the know-how of our craftsmen, which is essential at all stages of production: knitting, sewing, washing, ironing and packing.

Setting up a weaving machine is the work of art. On a crown of needles, with infinite patience and expert skills, the cloth is knitted, stitch by stitch, and after matching, is continued by joining it onto another length of cloth. A complex task which is handed down from generation to generation, like a love of cashmere. Just like our passion for our work.

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